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JOBS Act Interview

June 6, 2012

We were recently interviewed by Mercenary Trader regarding our thoughts on the JOBS Act and its potential impact on the overall hedge fund community (we have been tracking the development of the proposed legislation since late 2011). Pending the release of final SEC rules implementing the changes, the legislation will significantly alter the hedge fund marketing landscape going forward, particularly with regard to small- and mid-sized fund managers. Notably, the JOBS Act eliminates the ban on general solicitation and general advertising of private fund interests under Regulation D in connection with sales to accredited investors, thereby granting hedge fund managers a broad array of capital raising options previously unavailable to them.

The full interview can be found here. Mercenary Trader is a popular market research and online forum for investment managers and traders, run by professional traders. For more information regarding Mercenary Trader, please take a moment to check out their website.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the JOBS Act and its expected impact on fund marketing activities.