Regulation A+ White Paper

It has been nearly four years since the SEC revamped Regulation A under the Securities Act (Reg A+) pursuant to Title IV of the JOBS Act. Under the new rules—which allow issuers to raise up to $50 million in capital through effectively “mini-IPOs”—Reg A+ continues to gain traction among startup and emerging companies as a valuable method for raising capital. Issuers ranging from traditional operating companies to REITs to M&A ventures have raised over $1 billion pursuant to Reg A+ since its passage in 2015. Additionally, we believe that an increasing number of blockchain token issuers will turn to Reg A+ to conduct security token offerings. With that backdrop in mind, we have prepared the following white paper to help interested parties better understand Reg A+ and when to use it as a method for raising capital.

To view our Reg A+ white paper, please click here.